JointPro - Joint Relief Cream

JointPro is a topical joint relief cream with peptides that may help to sooth and relieve pain and inflammation in joints, tendons and muscles.


50ml Cream Pump

Manufacturer: Profound Products
$79.99 AUD

What is JointPro?

JointPro is a topical joint relief cream with peptides that can be applied directly to the site of pain, i.e. knee or foot or shoulder. It produces a cooling and warming effect that may help soothe and relieve inflammation and pain in the area of application.

Information about topical pain relief creams can be found at this link:

What does JointPro contain?

JointPro contains a transdermal ICPP Peptide. ICPP Peptides represent some of the latest in peptide technology and allow an efficient delivery of compounds directly to the tissues.

JointPro Features

  • May be used as an arthritis cream
  • May help to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Provides topical delivery of peptides
  • Convenient pump for consistent dosing
  • May be used on joints, cartilage, tendons and muscles
  • Used by pro athletes as a recovery cream after physical exertion.

What is articular tissue?

Articular tissue forms the outer toughened white connective tissue found on the end of bones and articulates with other bones in the joint. This tissue has no blood supply so taking oral supplements may not be helpful. JointPro uses a topical delivery system to help transport peptides directly to the tissues.

Articular tissue is crucial for lubricating joints and should be maintained in optimal condition. Any wear and tear can cause the bones to rub against each other which may be one of the primary reasons for pain and inflammation in the area.

What is a Peptide?

Peptides are naturally found within all cells of the body and are used in many biological processes. These include sending signals to the body to stimulate the production of long chain amino acids.

Instructions for use

Apply 1 pump of the pain relief cream topically to the area and rub it in well.



Keep out of reach of children. Do not use this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications. Always read the label.


Always consult with a licenced and qualified health physician before taking any dietary supplement or using any topical creams. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or TGA.

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Existing reviews
Provides fast relief from pain
The Joint Pro Cream is excellent and provides fast relief from pain. Have used this on wrist pain from carpel tunnel with very good results. Also used on elderly mother after fall to treat back pain which was totally eliminated within 2 weeks. It needs to be used for a full 6 weeks at least to heal joint pains.
From: Jackie | Date: 5/16/2019 6:23 PM
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Really works great
My neighbour tore the ligaments in his knee a few weeks ago and the pain was immense. He had tried steroid injections but they did not even touch the pain. I gave him some JointPro to try and he said it was amazing, relieved a huge amount of the pain within hours. Works great after my workouts and improves my recovery time.
From: Neil | Date: 8/1/2019 4:04 PM
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