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Workout & Fitness Supplements - Achieving New Heights

Discover how you can take your performance to the next level with a groundbreaking new line of sports fitness and recovery supplements brought to you by Profound Performance. These supplements support the body in many ways. Unleash your body's energy production capacity to power through grueling workouts and crumble your previous records. Surpass your competitors by maintaining your energy from start to finish without any energy slumps. Nourish your muscles with optimal nutrition so that your muscles can operate efficiently and burn fuel correctly. Abolish lactic acid to maintain 100% and supercharge through your workouts. Most importantly, regulate and support your recovery so that you are ready to go when it comes to your next session or workout.

Fitness Supplements - Perform, Recover, and Blast the Competition

It's not enough these days to just take a pre-workout and down a protein shake. You could be taking your workouts to a whole new level with supplements such as Nitric Pro, which has proven reductions in marathon times and one of the best Nitrix Oxide boosters on the market. Boost Pro for extra strength and recovery. Joint Pro for joint health and muscle pains and to curb post-workout inflammation. Lactic Pro reduces the metabolic burden that is lactic acid so you can train for longer. Peptide Bioregulators such as Gotratix help to regenerate muscles so you can come back stronger and harder than ever before. Last but not least, the ultimate Test Booster (TestoXLR8 Pro) is also available, which provides only the good, and not the bad.

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Boost Pro Natural Vitamin C

BoostPro - High Strength Vitamin C

BoostPro: Vitamin C Supplement From Acerola


BoostPro is a nutritional supplement with a unique formulation of high dose vitamin C that contains Quercetin, Methylsulfonomethane, Ribose and Bioperine.


30 x 6g Sachets

$64.99 AUD
JointPro Pain Relief Cream

JointPro - Joint Relief Cream

JointPro - Joint And Muscle Pain Relief Cream


JointPro is a topical joint relief cream with peptides that may help to sooth and relieve pain and inflammation in joints, tendons and muscles.


30ml Cream Pump

$64.99 AUD
Lactic Pro

Lactic Pro - L-Carnosine

Lactic Pro: Reduce Lactic Acid with L-Carnosine


L-Carnosine is a naturally-occurring amino-acid, helpful for reducing lactic acid which may improve exercise / sports performance.


50 x 250mg Capsules

$69.99 AUD
Nitric Pro Nitric Oxide Booster

Nitric Oxide Supplement - Nitric Pro

Boost Nitric Oxide with Nitric Pro


Nitric Pro is a nitric oxide supplement containing L-arginine and L-citrulline precursors that may help to support exercise performance, circulation and blood vessel health.


30 x 10g Sachets

$74.9 AUD
TestoXLR8 Pro Natural Testosterone Enhancer

TestoXLR8 Pro - Testosterone Booster Supplement

TestoXLR8 Pro: The Safer Test Booster


TestoXLR8 is a dietary supplement that combines a set of plant herbs, vitamins and minerals such as fenugreek and Shilajit.


90 x Capsules

$84 AUD
Energy Pro Supplement

Energy Pro - Energy Boost Supplement

Energy Pro - Vitamins for Energy & Metabolism


Energy Pro is an energy boost supplement with a carefully researched combination of ingredients and vitamins such as ALCAR, R-Lipoic Acid, Coq10, PQQ and B vitamins for energy and metabolism.


30 Capsules

$59.99 AUD
Thyreogen  Thyroid Peptide

Thyreogen - Thyroid Peptide

Thyreogen is a thyroid peptide that may help support the recovery and regeneration of the thyroid gland.


20 Capsules

$100.99 AUD
DIM Pro is a dietary supplement containing Diindolylmethane which is a compound found in cruciferous vegetables

Dim Supplement - Dim Pro

Dim Supplement with Diindolylmethane


DIM Pro is a dietary supplement containing Diindolylmethane which is a potent phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables.


100 Capsules

From $51.99 AUD