Shipping & Returns


Please estimate your delivery once you have added products to your cart. This will give you the best indication of delivery timeframes and costs. We provide an economical shipping method and an express shipping method.

Express Shipping: 7-10 Days (2 weeks).

Economic Shipping: 10-20 Days (4 weeks).


Our products ship from different warehouses around the world. In most cases they will ship direct from our australian warehouse however sometimes we may have to ship from our international warehouses. For example, if we sell out of a particular item, we will still fulfil orders while we wait for new stock to arrive.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our products then we will issue you a refund or exchange as per the conditions described in "Returns" below.


You can return certain products to us within 3 months of receiving the product under the following conditions:

  1. The product is not succeptible to spoilage in extreme temperatures or unstable environments.
  2. The product is unopened. Once you open the product and break the safety seal, then we cannot accept it for returns.
  3. The product was received more than 3 months prior. We cannot sell a product this is too close to its expiry date.
  4. The product is not damaged and is in its original condition as it was received.