Wireless Ultrasound Scanners

Wireless, Portable, and Handheld Ultrasound Scanners

These highly specialized units connect wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPhone, Ipad). The WIFI scanner is seamlessly controlled via software available through iOS and Android App stores. During scanning the image is instantly transmitted in real-time to the device for an immediate high-resolution picture of the desired area. The scanner offers great portability as it is battery powered, water-submersible and is robust enough for even the most vigorous of users. The scanner produces precise high-quality images and is designed for scanning the entire chest, abdomen and vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

Wireless Technology: The Future of Ultrasound

These ultrasounds are able to provide the same image quality and rich functionality as that of the larger more expensive enormous machines. For medical establishments and clinics, this means no reliance on a single machine and no waiting around (efficiency). The possibilities are endless with departments being able to purchase multiple units at a lower cost and being able to service multiple patients simultaneously. Instead of paying in the range of $25,000 - $250,000 for a large bulky machine, you can now enjoy high-quality scanning for a fraction of the cost.

Currently, portable ultrasound machines are used in Cardiac, Vascular, Radiology, Endocrinology, Podiatry, Pediatric and OB/GYN applications - see below for more examples.

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wireless ultrasound scanner

wireless ultrasound scanner

wireless ultrasound scanner

wireless ultrasound scanner

Handheld Ultrasound Machine Benefits

Whilst these units don't take away the need for and importance of highly trained ultrasound technologists and radiologists, what they do offer is the ability to interpret early warning signs before its too late. As the level of fluency increases in this field and more and more physicians adopt the use of these sophisticated units, so too will the medical views and attitudes change, to be open to the idea of physicians being more effective in early detection and being able to make more informed decisions through visual diagnostics. Further examples of the application of these units:

  • Nurses in aged care facilities being able to monitor vital signs and find abnormalities before its too late (early detection).
  • Paramedic being able to determine the severity of an accident such as internal bleeding, organ rupture, bone fracture and then alert the hospital ahead of time for better readiness. Perhaps with adequate training, the paramedic can make a call on whether to send a patient home or to the hospital-based on the precise images from the scanner.
  • Sports doctors and scientists can leverage this capability to examine muscle fibers before and after exercise to measure muscle fatigue and muscle damage.
  • Emergency ward doctors being able to provide a better assessment and background to various other experts which would lead to better more accurate diagnostics in less time.
  • Personal use - with diagnostics at your fingertips via smartphones, these units represent the mere flow-on effect from being able to monitor blood sugar, pulse, blood pressure and other parameters at home with exceptional ease, and even for the layperson. Is it really that big of a leap to think that expectant mothers might want to watch their baby grow and see the image on a tablet or smartphone device? Might shock you at first but like with all new technologies, it will become a household staple soon enough.
  • Research - schools, universities, research facilities, having an affordable device to aid in research can be highly beneficial.
  • Podiatry - Closely study the foot, ankle and lower extremities in detail and provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment options.

Shipping and Warranty

All our high-quality ultrasound scanners come with an 18-month warranty and FREE shipping (3-5 days).

Handheld Ultrasound for Medical Professionals

These scanners are the future in highly effective portable / user-friendly ultrasound scanning. These advanced yet powerful units are gaining popularity and we have many delighted customers reporting their satisfaction with these ultrasound scanners. For more details and specifications click on the scanner to go to the product details page.

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Popular Portable Handheld Ultrasound Types

  • Convex 3.5 MHZ 80 Elements
  • Convex 3.5 MHZ 128 Elements
  • Linear 7.5 MHZ 96 Elements
  • Linear 10 MHZ 128 Elements
  • Linear 14 MHZ 128 Elements
  • Convex 3.5 MHZ 128 Elements Colour Doppler
  • Linear 7.5 MHZ 128 Elements Colour Doppler
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