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Picture of Can-C Plus (capsules)

Can-C Plus (capsules)

90 Capsules

Perfect accompaniment to Can-C Eye drops.

  • Maximise the benefit from day one of the Can-C eye-drops.
  • Those who have very dense cataract and severely diminished vision to start with should combine the tablets with the eye-drops from day one.
$36 USD
Picture of Retina peptide (Visoluten)

Retina peptide (Visoluten)

Repair your retina naturally and safely with Visoluten


Helps to repair damage to the RETINA which is often caused by diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, pigment retinitis, myopia and age-related macular degeneration.


The retina can also be damaged by hypertension, renal insufficiency, diabetes melitus, smoking and alcohol. In treating the retina it is particularly synergistic with Vladonix, Ventfort, Endoluten and Cerluten.


20 Capsules

$59 USD