Peptide Bioregulator

Peptide Bioregulators

In a 2012 United Nations report, it was estimated that more than 300,000 people globally had lived to see their 100th birthday. These are the people the society calls centenarians and are a living proof that indeed humans have the ability to live to 100 and beyond. So what makes the rest of the human population, over 99.9%, age faster, develop illnesses, lose their mental and physiological function faster, and die several decades earlier?

As ongoing medical research continues to reveal factors that cause age-related deterioration and how to stop them, it has emerged that peptide bioregulators have powerful life-extending potential. Other effective strategies for combating the aging process include calorie restriction, use of antioxidants, and stem cells just to mention a few.  

What are Peptide Bioregulators?

Discovered in the 1980s by a Russian professor, Vladimir Khavinson, peptide bioregulators are short biologically active chains of amino acids with the ability to actually repair genetic changes caused by the aging process. They work by binding directly with parts of gene’s DNA to create a process that regenerates tissue, synthesize proteins, and restore the functionality of organs that had previously been damaged by age-related issues.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Peptide bioregulators help to regenerate tissue by providing a shortcut to the process of protein synthesis. They interact directly with the cell DNA and provide a quicker and easier repair of tissues. Aging is generally linked to the decline in protein synthesis so if the synthesis can be restored again using peptide bioregulators, then we can slow down the aging process significantly.

Peptide bioregulators act as aging protectors by targeting the root cause of the aging process. In several studies, it was found that long-term treatment of animals using peptides increases their lifespan by up to 40 percent. The use of peptide bioregulators in aging humans improves physiological function and decreases mortality rates while promoting better overall health.

There are specific peptide bioregulators for each organ of the body. We have a wide range of peptide bioregulators for different organs to help you repair and restore each organ. This form of peptide therapy is affordable, non-invasive, and effective in tissue regeneration. All our peptide bioregulator products are tested and approved food-based supplements.  


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Thymus peptide (Vladonix®)

20 Capsules

For the THYMUS and immune system, Vladonix stimulates and repairs immunological activity damaged. It has been shown to help restore patients" immunology after radiation and chemotherapy treatment as well as infectious diseases. May be combined with a number of other peptides such as Endoluten and Ventfort for general immunology or Glandokort and Ventfort for the elderly.

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$81.99 AUD

Thyroid peptide (Thyreogen®)

20 Capsules

As a bioregulator for the THYROID, Thyreogen has been shown to help treat both hyperthyroidism, (weight loss, anxiety, heat loss etc) and hypothyroidism (weight gain, lethargy, cold intolerance etc). Also a poorly performing thyroid gland can lead to autoimmune thyroiditis. May be combined with Ventfort.

Note: this item ships from our U.K. warehouse. Please keep this in mind when selecting your delivery options.
$81.99 AUD


Peptides in the Epigenetic Control of Ageing, is a 115 page book, summarizing the results of a long quest; more than forty years of research for endogenous substances able to retard ageing processes.
$129 AUD


By Marios Kyriazis, M.D.
$24.9 AUD


The peptide bioregulator revolution- The use of bioactive peptides for aging and health.
$34.9 AUD $29.9 AUD