Magnesium Chloride Spray (200ml)


Magnesium Chloride Spray provides maximum bioavailability of magensium through topical skin absorption.


200ml Spray Bottle

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What is Magnesium Chloride Spray

Magnesium spray is a combination of magnesium chloride and pure water. It can be sprayed onto non-sensitive areas of the body to deliver magnesium topically.

Most forms of magnesium are poorly absorbed when taken orally. Higher dosages are usually required and it can give people the runs. Applying magnesium topically bypasses this issue. In nutrition circles, it is generally thought that topical magnesium spray is far more effective than oral forms for correcting magnesium deficiency.

Avoid contact with sensitive areas of the body such as near the eyes, face, or where there is a skin injury.

Some skin types may feel a stinging sensation. If stinging occurs, apply to a different area or discontinue use.

Directions: Spray 6-12 times directly onto the body. Rub in excess into the skin.

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