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The products below have been designed to positively impact the health of your eyes. These natural and authentic products have all been put to the test with appropriatte trials and studies to back up their usefulness and impact.

Can-C Eye Drops

The patented form of N-acetylcarnosine eye drops (Can-C) has been used for several years for the treatment of cataract and other eye conditions. Many thousands of patients have noticed improvement of their vision, ranging from mild improvement to complete resolution of the condition. According to the manufacturers of Can-C lubricant eye-drops, over half a million bottles were sold worldwide to-date.

Can-C Capsules

Can-C Capsules are designed to boost the strength of Can-C eye drops by providing nutrients from within the body.

Retina Peptide (Visoluten)

Visoluten is a peptide bioregulator specifically harnessed to boost and protect eyesight and retinal function. Helps repair damage to the retina thereby stimulating regeneration and healing.


Is there a cure for cataracts ?

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Cataracts treatment with Can-C Eye Drops bottles

CAN-C Eye Drops

Is there really a natural treatment for cataractswhich can improve your vision without expensive cataract surgery?



Can-C Eye Drops are the only scientifically-proven, natural treatment for cataracts.
They’re the only cataract eye drops containing a patented ingredient which has been proven to effectively treat cataracts in just months.


And they have also been proven to be safe for long-term use.


How well do Can-C Eye Drops work as a cataract treatment? In six-month clinical trials:


  • 90% of users could see better
  • 89% of users experienced less glare
  • Nearly 50% saw a reversal of cataract effects


Can-C drops aren't just natural remedies for cataracts, either. They’re also brilliant for treating dry eyes, improving contact lens comfort, reducing glare from bright lights, and easing eye'strain caused by prolonged computer use. The original and authentic Can-C Eye Drops deliver a powerful dose of N-acetylcarnosine to achieve their antioxidant effects.


2x5ml Can-C Eye Drops

Innovative Vision Products
From $34 USD
Picture of Can-C Plus (capsules)

Can-C Plus (capsules)

90 Capsules

Perfect accompaniment to Can-C Eye drops.

  • Maximise the benefit from day one of the Can-C eye-drops.
  • Those who have very dense cataract and severely diminished vision to start with should combine the tablets with the eye-drops from day one.
$36 USD
Clear Vision Pack featuring Can-C Eye Drops, Can-C Capsules and Visoluten

Clear Vision Pack

1 x Month Supply


Combining the latest research into a single treatment pack.


Research backed eye health products to help you achieve more visual clarity. A first line approach to cataracts treatment and glaucoma.



  • 1x Can-C Eye Drops
  • 1x Can-C Plus
  • 1x Visoluten
  • Optional addons: BoostPro and NAD PRo
$134 USD $126 USD
Picture of Retina peptide (Visoluten)

Retina peptide (Visoluten)

Repair your retina naturally and safely with Visoluten


Helps to repair damage to the RETINA which is often caused by diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, pigment retinitis, myopia and age-related macular degeneration.


The retina can also be damaged by hypertension, renal insufficiency, diabetes melitus, smoking and alcohol. In treating the retina it is particularly synergistic with Vladonix, Ventfort, Endoluten and Cerluten.


20 Capsules

$59 USD
Youth Gems Ete Contour Gel

Youth Gems® (eye contour gel)

30ml Bottle

The very latest peptide based topical skin -aesthetic medicine- preparations

$64 USD