Lipothiamine Vitamin B1

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Lipothiamine is a highly absorbable form of thiamine (vitamin B1) known as TTFD, and is a combination of Allithiamine and Alpha-lipoic acid.


60/120/250 x 50mg Tablets

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Manufacturer: Ecological Formulas
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What is Lipothiamine?

Lipothiamine vitamin B1 contains TTFD (thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide) in an enterically coated micro-pill combined with alpha-lipoic acid.

TTFD is both an allithiamine and a disulfide. It was synthesized in Japan in the 1960's.

It is the disulfide bond that facilitates the penetration of the thiamine moiety into the cell where it builds up high concentrations of thiamine pyrophosphate and triphosphate, the active forms of Vitamin B1.

Lipothiamine provides a fat-soluble source of Vitamin B1.

Manufactured by Ecological Formulas. Casein and gluten free.

Lipothiamine Benefits

TTFD is used for thiamine deficiency and facilitates superior uptake of thiamine into the cells. It is highly involved in energy metabolism.


CAS Number804-30-8
Chemical formulaC17H26N4O3S2
Molar mass398.54 g·mol−1
Other namesThiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide or TTFD
Brand namesAdventan, Alinamin-F, Benlipoid, Bevitol Lipophil, Judolor, Lipothiamine

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:1 Enteric Coated Micro Tablet
Servings Per Container:60 or 120 or 250
Thiamine (TTFD)50 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid)7.5 mg
Other ingredients:Dicalcium Phosphate, Ethylcellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Food Glaze.
Other information:Product manufactured in a GMP approved facility and analysed for potency and purity

Suggested use

Take 1-2 capsules daily or as directed by a physician. If there is an established thiamine deficiency then start on the lowest dose possible and seek guidance from a health professional.

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Existing reviews
This is great stuff.
I used B 1 decades ago to help get people through heavy addiction withdrawal and then fix their poor health.
This derivative of B 1 is much more effective that B1 alone.
It’s the master B vitamin - you have to flank it with the others as they work synergistically
but it’s the powerful one,

K Wood
Kate | 11/28/2020 10:36 AM
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It has helped immensely
I purchased this Lipothiamine after reading many articles about thiamine by Dr. Derrick Lonsdale’s on This is a very bio-available form of thiamine designed to boost cardiovascular function, energy production, nervous system health.  It has helped immensely (taken along with Magnesium threonate) to improve my daughters symptoms of dysautonomia and anxiety.
Carolyn | 5/14/2021 3:53 PM
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my GP recommended it
Hi. Not sure what I can say about this product except that my GP recommended it. The large bottle is a good price. Ordering process was super easy and fast post once the product came into stock again. Hope you continue to stock the large bottles. Thank you.
Linda | 5/25/2021 5:24 PM
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5 stars
The Lipothiamine is great. It was the first time I tried it (I usually take Allithiamine as my preferred form of ttfd); for me, it the effect similar to allithiamine but the pills tasted much better and they are much smaller than the capsules.

The company itself is a good one. I had some trouble with AUSPOST, and Antiaging-Health helped me manage the issue. Their communication was also fantastic.

5 stars
Kris | 6/16/2022 4:13 PM
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Highly recommended
This Lipothiamine is a highly bio-available form of B1.  It is reported as a type of Thiamine that is more readily absorbed by the brain than other types and comes in a very small tablet, so it is a lot easier to swallow than most other B1's.
Chris | 8/11/2022 3:07 PM
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Thank you.
Hi. I am happy to keep purchasing this product from your company. My GP wants me to take Lipothiamine. The 250 tablet container is the most cost effective for me. I will continue to buy the product. Thank you.
Linda | 11/3/2022 4:50 PM
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Great service
Fast shipping and good service. Good products too!
Ana | 11/21/2022 7:08 PM
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