Blood Sugar

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Adrenal peptide (Glandokort®)

20 Capsules

Improves the performance of the ADRENAL gland which produces cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones. In turn these help to improve stress reaction, reduce apathy and improve control of the body's metabolism. Glandokort® also helps support the endocrine system in elderly people.

$81.99 AUD

Curcumin (Curcumin-SR PRO™)

30x 125mg Capsules

Fight the formation of damaging  free radicalsand reduce inflammation.

Immunity Boosting 

Improve cognitive function in Alzheimers patients

Inhibit the formation of tumors and induce natural cell death in Cancer

Diabetes – prevents a build of up of fat cells in the liver. 

Reduce swelling, and inflammation - Arthritis, Crohns disease, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis.

$18.99 AUD


30 x 500mg Capsules

All Natural Diabetes Management Supplement, contains Fenugreek Seed Extract.

Clinical studies show safe for Liver and Kidney functioning.

Safe for vegetarians.

Patented formula with clinical studies showing the positive effects on blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. 

$34.99 AUD

Pancreas peptide (Suprefort®)

20 Capsules

May be used to improve the performance of the PANCREAS by regulating the activity of the pancreatic enzymes, which that in turn have been shown to decrease sugar levels in diabetic patients and to have stabilised at the lower levels. It has also been shown to restore normal pancreatic tissue in patients with chronic pancreatitis. May be combined with Endoluten for diabetics.

$81.99 AUD