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Picture of ACF228™ (breathe-easy inhaler)

ACF228™ (breathe-easy inhaler)

One Tube

A specially designed mouth inhaler. The ACF228 Breathe-Easy can help those worried about their lung capacity and function, to help protect against oxygen deprivation and hopefully avoid the need for long term use of corticosteroids. In addition to the original ACF228 formula it also contains glutathione.

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$130 USD
Picture of ACF228™ (capsules)

ACF228™ (capsules)

50 Capsules

A daily dose of ACF228 unleashes an effective free radical scavenger to help you reduce risk of cancer and combat factors which can hasten the aging process.

ACF228 is a blend of ‘scavengers", which work together to support your body"s natural defences.

The formula contains Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid – mandatory methylation vitamins for any serious antiaging programme.

$49 USD